讀了 ES operating system from Google Code

花了一點時間,讀完岡坂史紀さん (Shiki Okasaka) 的這篇 [ES operating system from Google Code] 講稿。主要內容是敘述 Nintendo ES 作業系統的設計。(您沒看錯,這真的是任天堂公司釋出的一個開放原始碼作業系統)


  • Component operating system
  • It is not a goal building a simplified, decoupled UNIX implementation on top of the microkernel in the ES operating system. The primary goal has been making it possible for developers to easily create rich applications, like 3D games, using ECMAScript.
  • In ES, we want to provide more meaningful programming interfaces to the programmers from the kernel level, and we want to make the interfaces dynamically extensible.
  • Any component written for ES in C++ are simply accessible from the ECMAScript in ES.
  • If you have a great idea, please implement the most interesting part first, and demonstrate it, demonstrate your concept to the people.

把 Web 直接拿到 OS 這層來做應用程式,這真的是我近期看過最有趣的作業系統設計。

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